Functional Medicine Workshop:

    Bioidentical Hormone Replacement 

                for Men and Women

A full day workshop for doctors and healthcare professionals interested         in applying Functional Endocrinology in their clinical practice

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine

For dates, prices, accreditation etc please contact us:

Tel: 02074671510


Topics include:

- The hypothalamic/pituitary/gonadal axis and the physiology of menopause/perimenopause/andropause

-What are bioidentical hormones, BHRT vs HRT

-Benefits of BHRT: brain/bone/cardiovascular/skin & antiaging/ vitality & general well being/relief of vasomotor symptoms

-Prescribing habits & various routes of administration

-Serum vs Saliva vs Urine Hormone Testing

- Sexual dysfunction in women: causes and management

- Use of androgens in women

- Male andropause and Sexual Dysfunction in Men

- Functional Reproductive endocrinology